Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Economic Goals Re-ducks

Just filled the gas tank on the ol' Tercel again. Less than a month from the previous fill-up this time, because I made a trip to the city to show a friend the Goose Island brewpub, and detoured home by way of Flossmoor Station. So the price of gas today was at 1.999 a gallon, not quite a dollar less than the 2.769 I paid 20 days ago, but very nearly half of what I paid for the previous fill-up in September.

The last time I saw two bucks a gallon was once in January 2007, and before then, not since the spring of 2005.

As long as I still have a job, that's one bright spot in today's economy.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election part 2

McCain is giving one of the most gracious concession speeches I've heard in some time.

If only he were this eloquent on the campaign trail, instead of running against the names in Obama's rolodex.

And I'm still straining to see any minorities at the McCain rally.

America Wins!

For those delusional enough to think Sarah Palin could run in 2012: just remember the rally in Grant Park tonight for Obama outnumbers the entire population of Alaska.

Meantime, I'm dealing with the fact of the first President who's younger than I am.