Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Boy, the whole World Series came and went before I even had the time to write anything about it, mostly owing to a heavy, heavy deadline. Should I carp about Fox Sports dismissing the Astro's "homer" in Game 3 instead of replaying it five times a minute like they did for every bad call that went the Sox' way? And with failed president Bush in the crowd, too. Gues Fox Sports is every bit as "fair and Balanced" as Fox News.
Oh, wait, that was Neil Bush with Barbara Bush right behind home plate in Game 3. Jeb wanted to be there, but he had hurricane victims to ignore. GHW was there for Game 4, and got to take part in another big loss. Still, that has to rattle any pitcher looking to the batter and seeing a President behind him.

I cracked open a John's Generations White Ale to celebrate, because the White Sox, like this beer, had their origins in Iowa. Yes, 110 years ago, Charles Comiskey started managing the Sioux City Cornhuskers of the Western League.

Of course now I feel silly about claiming the Sox would win in six, but at least I haven't had money on it. I was sitting up waiting and holding my breath because now matter how well they are doing… THIS… IS… CHICAGO… BASEBALL… It would have been just like us to find a way to fail after getting just one out away from the World Championship. But no, the Sox put togehter a whole string of wacky plays: Pierzynski steals first! Uribe goes into the stands to snag a pop foul (no Bartman in this stadium)! And game 3 becomes the longest World Series game in history, Mark Buerhle, a starting pitcher, gets a save in relief, and Ozzie runs through everybody in the roster but for Pablo Ozuna (apparently, this utility infield was being saved to pitch in caseit went to 15 innings). I know "Ginderball" was just an advertising phrase made up by the Sox agency, but that describes exactly how they broke an eighty-seven year World Series drought!